Opinion of Value

Do you need a valuation on your property prior to selling or for probate, settlements, etc. Our opinion of value approach is an estimate of the value of specified interests in, or aspects of, identified real estate which may be based wholly or partly on comparative market analyses. An Opinion of Value may contain more or less analysis of relevant data than an appraisal and may be performed by a REALTOR®. As Realtors®, we can provide an Opinion of Value, which is a review of sales and property data for similar properties in your area. If you hired us to do an Opinion of Value on your property, one of our agents would meet with you, review your property, and after research is conducted, we would provide you with a letter and a summary of my market research. With this information, if can help you set an asking price for your property. An Opinion of Value is different than a formal appraisal, which is typically much more expensive and often required by mortgage lenders. 


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