Sellers' Information


For most of us, our homes are the biggest investment we will make. We have not only invested money, we have invested time and care to make sure that our homes serve us well and will continue to be a comfortable place to live. Making the decision to sell is a major decision that any rational person is going to think about carefully.

Lake Farm can help at every step along the way:

Pricing – We know that a home that has been lived in is priceless and is filled with work and memories. We also know that a buyer is not interested in purchasing someone else's memories. Lake Farm will do a market analysis for you, researching what comparable properties have sold for and what a buyer would pay for yours. Pricing is crucial. If your home is priced too high it will sit on the market and other buyers will assume there must be something wrong with it. If it is priced too low, you will not receive the value of your investment. Lake Farm can help you "price it right."


Preparing for Showing – some neglected maintenance items draw attention to themselves and make buyers think about other things that might not have been done. Full rooms and closets make a house seem smaller. Untrimmed hedges make buyers think of other work they will need to do. Lake Farm can make suggestions about which work it is important to do, what things to put into storage, and how to present your home so that it shows at its best.

Marketing – Lake Farm will make sure your property receives the broadest exposure possible so that the right person will be attracted. We will put it into the MLS system with lots of good pictures, we make sure it is easy to find in internet searches, we make sure that people looking for similar properties have the information, we advertise in print publications, and we do everything we can to make sure the right person hears about your property.


Dealing with Buyers – We will show your property to interested, qualified buyers and make sure they discover the attractive features. We will answer their questions, deal with their home inspectors, bank appraisers, and anyone else that is involved in their purchase. Lake Farm will follow the process and look out for your interests from listing to final closing.

Lake Farm can make the selling process easy (or at least easier).


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